United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps

Grey Ghost Division  and Training Ship Kearsarge 


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Cadet Application and Agreement Package

NSCC Grey Ghost Division and NLCC T. S. Kearsarge:   

MS Word version: NSCADM 001 

PDF version: NSCADM 001

Adult Leader (Officer/Instructor/Midshipmen) Application Package

NSCC/NLCC Adult Application NSCADM002


Training Request Forms

Training Authority (Request) - Grey Ghost NSCC Sea Cadet NSCTNG001

Training Authority (Request) - T.S. Kearsarge NLCC League Cadet NSCTNG001

Training Authority (Request) - Officer NSCTNG 002

Training Authority (Local) - Grey Ghost NSCC Sea Cadet  NSCTNG 003

Training Authority (Local) - T. S. Kearsarge NLCC League Cadet NSCTNG 003

Training Authority (Local) - Officer  NSCTNG 004 

Recruit Training Summer 2015

Medical Forms

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Sea Cadet Uniform Manual