United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps

Grey Ghost Division  and Training Ship Kearsarge 

Training sign up as of 30 NOV 21        Grey Ghost   Kearsarge

Seabag Inspection

On December 11 there will be a seabag inspection for those attending an advanced training, recruit training or Orientation. Your only other option will be to make other arrangements You cannot attend advanced training without a seabag inspection.
You must have:
Medical history form (NSCADM001 Pages 3 & 4) Current within 30 days of the training.
Medical Exam Report (NSCADM001 Pages 5 & 6) Current within 1 year signed by a physician.
Medical Supplemental (NSCADM001 Pages 7 & 8 ) if you are bringing medication.

Cadets and Officers attending trainings at Camp San Luis Obispo must follow the instructions on the Welcome Aboard Packet. Adults must complete the Base Access Form 

Failure to do so will result in TRAINING DENIED

You can't go to an advanced training without your orders and personnel folder.


All drill dates are on the Calendar